12 sessions

Is all most students need to 

read at grade level

While reading gains vary from student to student, certified Phono-Graphix practitioners are trained to achieve the same remarkable results as published in the clinical study of Phono-Graphix in the Orton Annals of Dyslexia. This study included 87 children age six to sixteen, 44% of whom were previously diagnosed as learning disabled. In a twelve hour remedial course, 98% of the children reached grade level reading.

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The Phono-Graphix method - letters are pictures of sound

This is not a phonics program


Phono-graphix uses  no  inconsistent  rules  as  you  would  find  in  phonics.  Just  learning  of  the  English  Code  and  mastery of  the above  three  skills.

How children assess visual images


A child recognizes shape  pictures  easily.  They  don’t  need rules to understand that when you put two  shapes together something new is created.  Since  letters are just pictures of sound,  why would they need a rule to recognize “oa” as the sound 'oe'  in  the  word  ”boat”?

There is variation in the code


The  nature  of  the  English  code  is  that  letters  are  just  pictures  of  sound  and  sounds can be shown with more than one picture.  Is  this  too  hard  for  a  child  to  understand?

Code variation and the child


Children can easily learn that oa   ow   o   oe   o_e   ough  are all pictures of the same  “long  o”  sound.  Just  as  they  easily  understand  that  the  above  pictures  are  all  different  variations  of  the  same  thing:  a  flower.

There is overlap in the code


The  nature  of  the  code  is  that  some of the pictures are used for more than one sound  as  shown  above.  Is  this  too  hard  for  a  child  to  understand?

Code overlap and the child


Children can manage this concept  as easily as they manage that a  circle  can be a picture of a  marble,  ball,  polka  dot,  and  more..